Legal Agreements Have Been Signed By All Parties

The Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) is pleased to announce that our 3-year journey to save the golf course lands has finally come to an end with the finalization and recent execution of the legal agreements associated with this endeavor. We now have legally binding documents assuring that the future of the Stonebridge Golf Course lands will be determined by the Stonebridge Community following the execution of the purchase and sale agreement in 2029. This is a truly unique landmark achievement, one that very few golf course communities in North America have been able to accomplish. We are deeply grateful to all those involved.

The execution copies of these legal agreements have been signed by all parties and are provided below for your reference. Please be sure to download them and keep them for your records.

For assistance in navigating these two legal documents please refer to our Legal Agreement Reference Guide.

The history of the work that has gone into the effort of preserving the golf course lands and protecting this greenspace from development is a story this community can be proud of. The signed legal documents are the culmination of collaborative negotiations between Mattamy Homes, the City of Ottawa, the SCA Board of Directors, the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG), our mediator Jack Stirling, support from our local Councillors, and the engagement of legal counsel, Kristi Ross, specializing in Environmental, Municipal and Land Use Planning law. A list of key reference documents produced along the way is available on our website.

Golf Course Redesign Implementation

The agreed-upon redesign of the Stonebridge Golf Course is currently underway and on track for its re-opening in June of 2022. Mattamy’s renovation schedule and golf course routing plan are available on our website. As we receive further information from Mattamy related to the golf course redesign we will share it with you. 

Mattamy Phase 16 Subdivision (2701 Longfields)

Mattamy’s Phase 16 Plan of Subdivision (File no. D07-16-19-0031) received draft approval from the City of Ottawa in March and is now awaiting the approval of the Zoning By-law Amendment (File no. D02-02-19-0134), to be tabled at the City’s Planning Committee in the May/June time frame. We’ve included links to these applications on DevApps on the City’s website where you can find all documentation related to these files. Once approved, Mattamy will proceed with the development of the 184-unit Phase 16 subdivision according to their plans. As we receive information from Mattamy on construction timelines we will share it with you.

The Stonebridge Levy 

The Stonebridge Levy, officially approved by the Ottawa City Council on October 14th, 2020, is the mechanism in place to accrue the funds required to purchase the Stonebridge Golf Course lands from Mattamy Homes in 2029 and protect that land from future development. The levy is administered by the City of Ottawa and incorporated into the annual property tax bills. The levy will be introduced in the current year (2021) and will be included in the City of Ottawa’s final property tax bill, which is mailed to homeowners in late May. Beginning in year two of the Stonebridge Levy (2022), the levy amount will be divided between the interim property tax bill which is usually mailed to homeowners in February and the final bill in May. The levy applies to all homes in the Stonebridge catchment area. All new homes that are built within the Stonebridge catchment area will be subject to the levy as they are added to the City’s property tax roll. At the end of the nine-year levy period, the City will have accrued the targeted amount of $7 million dollars to exercise the purchase and sale of the golf course property as per the Tripartite Agreement and to provide funding for legal fees, taxes and land transfer fees, appraisal costs, environmental due diligence and other expenses associated with the future real estate transaction. 

Any inquiries regarding levy amounts related to a specific household should be directed to the City of Ottawa Revenue Services at 613-580-2444 or by email at Further information pertaining to the Stonebridge Levy can be found here on the City of Ottawa website. Additional information on the Stonebridge Levy can be found here on the SCA website including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

For New Stonebridge Residents

The SCA would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest residents!

Please be sure to review the background information pertaining to this tremendous effort to save the Stonebridge Golf Course lands for generations to come. We also encourage you to become a member of the SCA so that you can enjoy the benefits that an SCA membership provides in addition to protecting our greenspace. A household membership is available for an annual fee of $20 and can be purchased online on the SCA website. The SCA loves to hear from its residents and we are happy to respond to your enquiries. You can reach us by email anytime at

Fundraising Update – Let’s Take This To The Finish Line!

Thank you again to those who have made contributions to the SCA’s Go Fund Me Campaign to help cover the legal costs related to this file. We have attained $34,874 of our $45,000 goal from 225 donors and are confident that with your help, we can take this to the finish line! Please donate today. Every little bit helps.

To ensure that you’re getting the latest updates, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or subscribe to our email newsletter (note: SCA members are automatically subscribed).

Stay safe everyone! We look forward to resuming in-person community-building activities once public health regulations allow for it. 


-The SCA Board of Directors

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