Dear residents, we have now had a chance to meet with a representative from Mattamy to go over some of our key collected questions and concerns with the development application for 2701 Longfields. Of primary concern for us has been whether or not the development application meets “the spirit of Mattamy’s Letter of Intent (LOI)” concerning the future of the golf course lands. Our key questions during the January 14th  meeting were as follows:

Question 1: The subject lands were reported as 9.4 hectares in the 2018 application and 10.6 hectares in the new 2019 application. Why has this number increased?

  • Mattamy has confirmed that the 2019 application includes the land that is dedicated to the Longfields widening, whereas in 2018 it did not include this land. This land is approximately 1.2 hectares in size and is not part of the subdivision. The land used by the subdivision in the 2019 application is nearly identical in size to the application in 2018 (it is actually slightly smaller as a result of an adjustment that was required to accommodate the tee boxes for the new hole #6).

Question 2: The number of residential units was 158 in the 2018 application and is now 183 in the 2019 application. Why has this number increased?

  • Upon asking this question, Mattamy made a quick clarification and informed us that the reference to 183 units was an error in their documentation; there are actually 184 units proposed. This error is to be fixed by Mattamy in an upcoming update package to the City.
  • The overall increase in the number of units (from 158 to 184) is the result of a change in the width of the proposed townhome lots. The 2018 application included a preliminary proposal of 26’ wide townhomes with 36’ wide end unit townhomes. In the current 2019 application, 21’ townhomes are being proposed which is still larger than the overwhelming majority of existing Monarch built townhomes in Stonebridge (most are on lots of less than 20’).
  • This increase in units does not change the size of the development area nor does it result in further encroachment onto golf course lands.
  • The increase in units continues to be compliant with the LOI. The LOI does not refer to a specific unit number. The SCA/SWG’s official documentation always stipulated that the 158 was an approximate number (it was based on the original development application).
  • One positive element of this increase is that it will also increase the total number of households making levy payments which will be of benefit to every household in Stonebridge.
  • Further to this, we have reviewed the overall proposed mix of townhomes and single unit lot sizes and are satisfied that they are compliant with the requirements we fought hard for to be included in the LOI, with 20 of the 25 single unit lots (80% of total) being 46′ wide, as depicted in the Concept Plan and Draft Plan of Subdivision documents. 
  • Both the townhomes and single units either meet or exceed the standards established in the Stonebridge community.
  • Parkland will be dedicated in accordance with City requirements – typically this would be at a rate of 1 ha/300 units. With 184 units proposed this would require 0.61ha where Mattamy has currently proposed 0.73ha.

Question 3: The Concept Plan in Figure 3 (p. 5) of the Planning Rationale is not consistent with the separate Concept Plan and Draft Plan of Subdivision documents. Why is that the case?

  • Mattamy has acknowledged this inconsistency and has agreed to update the documentation with the latest Concept Plan.

Based on the responses provided by Mattamy, we feel that the new development application does indeed adhere to the spirit of the LOI, including the number of residential units, when all other factors are considered. It should be noted that Mattamy will likely be making additional minor adjustments to their plan based on the comments they receive from individual residents. This is part of the regular development application process and should be considered separate from the SCA’s role in ensuring it adheres to the LOI. 

Once again, we remain confident that the final development application will continue to meet the spirit of the LOI and will be turned into a tripartite contract between the City, SCA, and Mattamy by the end of March 2020. No contract will be signed if we feel this is not the case.

The SCA welcomes constructive comments from all property owners in Stonebridge. The best way way to submit official feedback is by sending an email to:

Additionally here are all the ways that you can stay informed regarding our community:

Bear in mind that the SCA is a group of volunteers who contribute some of their personal time to serve their community. Responses may not be immediate. 

Thank you for your patience,

-SCA Board Members together with Stonebridge Working Group (SWG) representatives.


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  1. This is very timely and appropriate information. Could we also be updated on the progress of the final legal document with the SCA, Mattamy and the City?

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