Development Issues

The Stonebridge Community Association will monitor and, where necessary intervene in industrial, governmental and residential developments in the Stonebridge area that may affect our community, its residents and those of greater Barrhaven.

Proposed Development of Affordable Community Housing (Jockvale and Longfields)

Reference: City of Ottawa Development Application # D07-12-21-0192 (Time Sensitive)      The SCA is sharing information pertaining to the City of Ottawa development application file no. D07-12-21-0192 by the Ottawa CommunityRead More...
By : Ann Miller | Feb 6, 2022

Mattamy Phase 16 Update

Final approval for Mattamy’s Phase 16 subdivision has been granted by the Planning Committee at the City of Ottawa. The new subdivision is being marketed under the name ‘The Crown of Stonebridge’.Read More...
By : Ann Miller | Dec 23, 2021

Mattamy Phase 16 Update & Revised Construction Schedule

Mattamy’s Phase 16 development application is still pending final approval with the City of Ottawa. The rezoning application approval is expected to occur in late October 2021. You might notice activity aroundRead More...
By : Ann Miller | Oct 1, 2021

Revised Golf Course Renovation Schedule & Phase 16 Construction Timeline

Revised Stonebridge Golf Course Renovation Schedule Mattamy has sent us the following updated version of the Stonebridge Golf Course renovation schedule. The updates include date changes and the addition of a startRead More...
By : Mike | May 27, 2021

Legal Agreements Have Been Signed By All Parties

Legal Agreements Have Been Signed By All Parties The Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) is pleased to announce that our 3-year journey to save the golf course lands has finally come to anRead More...
By : Mike | Apr 25, 2021

SCA Legal Fee Fundraiser Launch! Help Us Continue to Protect Stonebridge Greenspace

Can we count on your support? Dear Stonebridge Community Residents, Now that the legal agreements that will protect the Stonebridge golf course lands have been developed and the Stonebridge Levy has beenRead More...
By : Mike | Oct 21, 2020
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