With snow plows off the road, you will notice a return of  traffic calming measures to the Stonebridge Community.  Some of them are seasonal, such as the flex stakes that will be placed in the middle of the road with speed limits posted. These, in addition to the pavement marking and the speed display devices (as pictured above), are intended to help to maintain a maximum speed limit in Stonebridge of 40 km per hour. If you wish to report a traffic concern to the City of Ottawa you may do so by calling 311  and speaking with an  operator or emailing 311@ottawa.ca to report the location and nature of your concern. You can also contact your ward councillor to report concerns and influence future traffic calming measures implemented in your area. Following are the email address for the three councillors serving the Stonebridge Community:

For more information regarding traffic calming measures you can use this link to access the details on the City of Ottawa site.

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