A message from Stonebridge Working Group (SWG):

Dear Stonebridge Residents,

The official Stonebridge Levy results are now in and have been published on the City of Ottawa website. The final results are as follows:

  • “Yes” to the Levy: 1,470 households
  • “No” to the Levy: 741 households
  • Blank Ballots: 0 households
  • Spoiled Ballots: 6 households

We, the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG), would like to thank all residents for respecting the City run process and being patient with us during the past 8 months as we worked hard to come up with a plan that would be accepted by a strong majority of the community. It has not been an easy process but we are extremely pleased with the result and the number of households in Stonebridge that took the time to vote (approximately 66%).

Now that there is a funding mechanism, we will be moving into the next stage of the process to turn the Letter of Intent (LOI) into a legal binding agreement between Mattamy, the Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) and the City. As a next step, we will be meeting together with the SCA to debrief and determine roles and responsibilities going forward, which will be communicated to all residents.


The SWG: Aline Gossein, Mike Kujawski, James MacRae, Jay McLean, Nicole Parent, Niraj Singhal, Karin Taylor, Brad Wright


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7 thoughts on “The Stonebridge Levy Vote Results Are In!

  1. Thank YOU to the SWG and SCA – you all did a tremendous service to our lovely community and in the end, the strong, rational voice of reason was able to persevere. Please don’t hesitate to solicit help from other community residents as needed! Gratefully, Melanie and George Macdonald

    1. Hi Elizabeth, that would be a question for the City of Ottawa as they would be collecting the levy funds. The SCA will not be involved in the collection of levy funds in any way. Thank you.

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