Based on the survey feedback received to date, the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG) has compiled a list of FAQs regarding the proposed solution. Please click below to view the FAQs and stay tuned for more FAQs as we continue to receive and monitor the survey results.

SWG Proposed Solution – Frequently Asked Questions

One thought on “SWG Proposed Solution – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Posted

  1. Should we, as Stonebridge residents agree to purchase the golf course and it becomes non viable to operate, do we expose ourselves to a legally binding cash call, over and above the pre-determined levy in order to cover yearly deficits?

    Is 50% plus one, the threshold for a pro or con decision?

    What is the minimum required Stonebridge voter participation to make this official.

    Paul Goulet, Stonebridge


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