City to hold a preliminary facilitated information session regarding the Stonebridge Golf Course at the Nepean Sportsplex on January 24, 2019


Last June Mattamy submitted their Phase 16 development application to the City of Ottawa that involved building a new subdivision over part of the Stonebridge Golf Course, and redesigning the golf course to shorten it by over 800 yards. After a united Stonebridge community strongly opposed this application, Mattamy withdrew their Phase 16 development application with the City of Ottawa in July. Mattamy agreed to participate in facilitated talks on future development on the Stonebridge Golf Course.

The SCA participated in the selection of a public facilitator, Nicole Swerhun, and we shared the news that Nicole Swerhun was engaged back in our October 2nd update. Public meetings weren’t held during the municipal election blackout period and until after the swearing in of City Council on December 3rd. In November we reached out to the City of Ottawa for an update on the start of facilitation, a timeline and process details. These were not provided to us at the time.

Events of the past week

Late last week the SCA was informed by the City of Ottawa that a meeting was going to be held on January 24th, 2019 regarding the future of the Stonebridge Golf Course. Since this was the first communication we received from the City in over a month, we immediately asked for an agenda and clarification of the meeting’s purpose so that we could get the word out to our community. Initially, the purpose of this meeting was unclear, and volunteer board representatives met with City staff in person on Monday to formalize our request for clarification on the purpose of the meeting and the need for an agenda.

We received the official meeting notice and agenda yesterday, which has now been shared by the City councillors whose wards include Stonebridge, and we understand this notice will also be delivered to each resident in Stonebridge before the end of the week. It has been provided below.

What is the purpose of this meeting and what were we told upon asking for clarification?

We were told that the City of Ottawa will be holding a preliminary facilitated public Information Session regarding the Stonebridge Golf Course on January 24th, 2019 at the Nepean Sportsplex (6:30PM-8:30PM). The intent of this session is to get everyone up-to-speed on this file and to kick-off the planned facilitation process regarding potential development on the Stonebridge Golf Course. Attendees will be introduced to Nicole Swerhun (the contracted facilitator) and will be provided with an opportunity to engage in preliminary facilitated table discussions, which Nicole will use to plan out next steps, including subsequent focused facilitated sessions in smaller groups.

Is Mattamy resubmitting a development application?

We asked this question again this week and were informed yesterday that there is no timeline for a resubmission nor is there certainty that a resubmission will occur.

Who should attend?

You are strongly encouraged to attend if you’re interested in the future of the Stonebridge community and the Stonebridge Golf Course. This will be our first opportunity to meet the facilitator and learn about the facilitation process together, as no contact with the facilitator has been permitted in advance of this meeting. Attendees will also be informed of opportunities to participate in the subsequent facilitated sessions in smaller groups. Table discussions are intended to provide attendees with an opportunity to share your concerns and issues.

It will also be for each resident to decide whether it is in their individual best interests, from a property owner perspective, to embark on any other resolution process, including, but not limited to, commencement of any legal/court action. The Stonebridge Community Association does not have any authority to take any such or other action on behalf of residents. It is recommended that any resident or residents wishing to obtain advice on the possible impact on their property or other interests, should seek legal advice.

Who will be in attendance?

Representatives from the City of Ottawa, Mattamy, Councillors Harder (Ward 3), Meehan (Ward 22) and Moffatt (Ward 21) are all expected to be in attendance. This is a public meeting, so attendees will include other residents of Ottawa with an interest in this file. Halls A & B at the Nepean Sportsplex have a capacity of well over 800 people with tables so there should be plenty of room.

Why is the community getting such short notice?

The Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) made every effort to push the date back by a few weeks to provide residents with ample time to adjust their schedules, however, our request was denied.

Where can I get up to date on this file?

The SCA has prepared a list of communications related to Mattamy’s Phase 16 development application on a dedicated page right here on our website that you may find helpful.

Please share!

Although short notice, we do support the City in trying to move this file forward and are pleased that a meeting purpose and agenda was put in place upon our request. Please help us share this notice and spread the word about the meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

The official City of Ottawa notice about this meeting can be found here.

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5 thoughts on “Stonebridge Golf Course Development Update – January 16, 2019

  1. Very unfortunate that we are not be given sufficient notice. They City should realize that we the residents also contribute significantly.

    Our position remains the same. The golf course must remain intact as is, unless they can relocate holes without loosing yardage. We purchased our home based on the golf course and its value would be significantly impacted with a golf course that is not a golf course but reduces to a mini putt or par 3.

  2. The infrastructure into communities like stonebridge/half moon bay are not sufficient enough as is. Cramming more homes into the armpit of the city is only going to amplify the problem. Armpit communities generate 3x the revenue of traditional ones (footprint based) yet property taxes are only increasing and services are plummeting.

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