Dear residents, as mentioned in our most recent community notice, the SCA,  together with members of the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG) have been reviewing the development application submitted by Mattamy to ensure that it adheres to Mattamy’s Letter of Intent (LOI). We have had a chance to go through it and plan to meet in-person with Mattamy early next week to have them address our questions and concerns. If we feel that the development application does not meet the spirit of the LOI, we will be under no obligation to sign the contract. We do, however, remain confident that the final development application will indeed meet the spirit of the LOI and will be turned into a tripartite contract between the City, SCA, and Mattamy by the end of March 2020. 

Thank you for your patience,

-SCA Board Members together with Stonebridge Working Group representatives.

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4 thoughts on “Statement from the SCA and SWG regarding Mattamy’s development application

  1. Firstly, why would you agree to a cost to $6M to acquire such land? There has been no golf course bought and/or sold in the City of Ottawa which meets that cost. Secondly, if Mattamy has made such a bad business decision to run a golf course, why should the residents pay to compensate such a venture? Thirdly, membership on the golf course has been mainly “boomers” and not millennials or others. That is not the SCA problem, it is Mattamy’s. Fourthly, why include my dwelling which does NOT
    back onto the golf course. my dwelling backs onto a separate property which is largely green space. Fifthly, on my street, I am the only person who belongs as a member of the golf course. Sixth, do you expect that people who do not now use the golf course will use is as a green space entity. Lastly, but not least, where will the $6M come from? If I do not back onto the golf course and do not use such, how can you justify such a lien on my property? You need to do a lot of thinking to solve this.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Michael. Please refer to all our documentation on the file. All of the items you mentioned were discussed and debated extensively by the SWG, the SCA and the Stonebridge community in general over the course of the past year leading up to the levy vote. The vote results provided a clear direction for the next steps, which is to turn the Letter of Intent (LOI) into a binding contract. We will update the community once we have a contract to share.

  2. Well said Mike. As one of the many Stonebridge residents who voted 66.3% in favour of the levy, I sincerely thank you Mike and all the other Stonebridge residents on the SCA and the SWG for your continuing and tireless unpaid volunteer work on this issue and all other community issues on behalf of the Stonebridge community as a whole. We look forward to considering the draft binding contract at the earliest opportunity. Is it possible for a more current public status update on progress to be provided to the community?

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