In the coming months the SCA will be communicating with Stonebridge residents regarding fundraising initiatives. As a not-for-profit community association, revenues to cover operating costs have come primarily from two sources:  the annual membership fees that we collect, and the registration fees for programs and events. The cancellation of programs and events due to COVID-19 will result in a loss of revenue that these programs contributed to the operating budget. In the mean time, we sincerely hope that existing members will renew their annual family memberships. If you are not currently a member, please consider joining our membership program for a nominal annual fee of $20 per household (Join Now). The levy amount once in place is designed to accrue over 9 years to fund the purchase and additional costs related to the acquisition of the golf course lands in the future (approximately 10 years from now), and is not accessible for use for any other means before that. We have financial obligations related to the work involved in finalizing the legal agreements to ensure that the agreements reflect the details as outlined in Mattamy’s letter of intent.

We are extremely mindful of the impact of COVID-19 on the finances of all households and businesses in general. At the same time; we hope that some households who are able to, will contribute to our fundraising outreach. We would love to hear from anyone in Stonebridge that has ideas about fundraising activities that might work for our community, considering that social distancing restrictions are likely to be in place for some time still. Please see attached link to make note of any ideas you would like to share with us, and let us know if you’re interested in helping out.

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