At the invite of the City (on Feb 22), representatives of the Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) met with Steve Willis, General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development, and Charmaine Forgie, Manager, Business Support Services, to discuss the feedback we had publicly posted in early February regarding the golf course development facilitation process.
Key Highlights:
  • The City was very appreciative of our questions, are taking them seriously, and are working on them now. They will provide responses to all questions by the end of March after they consult with the responsible parties and gather the requested information. We will provide said feedback as it’s received.
  • The city stressed that this collaborative facilitation process pre-application is a new and progressive approach the City is trying in an effort to diffuse issues before the traditional application process. While it is on track, we should expect this process to take time to unfold.
  • We provided the City with an assurance that we remain committed to the process while not prejudicing recourse to other processes of resolution which may become necessary.
  • The City indicated that they have met separately with Mattamy to ensure that they, like us, are still fully committed to the facilitation process.
  • We have been asked to attend a follow-up meeting next week, with the City and Councillors Harder, Meehan and Moffatt.
  • We will report further after our next meeting with the City.

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