2 thoughts on “Mattamy Phase 16 & Golf Course Redevelopment

  1. Good job tonight in Mattamy info session! We will not give up! I would like to know how I can help.

  2. Attended the meeting last night, awaiting news of next meeting. Not sure Mattamy was prepared for the turnout or the feistiness of the audience but I am buoyed by the articulate representation we, as homeowners in this great community, had. Kudos to those who spoke on our behalf. My husband and I have only been here for 4 years but we love sitting on our deck and watching the golfers come down to the second green. I expect this will be a long battle, and, while we believed it was unwinnable at the outset, I now believe Mattamy will have a battle on their hand before they start loading up their coffers!! One suggestion that stood out in my mind was using the Clubhouse more and more for community-building activities.

    In the meantime, we stand ready to attend more meetings and to help in the fight a strategy is developed, hopefully with support from our Councillor in this election year.

    Arlene Deslauriers

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