LuminousDawn Ceremonies, Melaina Landriault

I utilize the tools and ceremonies i’ve received to hold space for women to help them heal the stories that live inside of them that have caused some pain. Example: birth trauma, living In the restraints of a masculine dominated world ect. With these teachings I hold and offer space in ceremonies monthly at LuminousDawn Ceremonies, some by donation and some for a fee, all ceremonies help raise money for women’s shelters. In ceremony, I offer meditations and guided Journeys to help bring in awareness to better understand the dynamic and then offer healing to fully release and heal the story within. It is very profound to heal in this way and prominent at creating more mindfulness and peace in ones life.

In extension:
I create ceremonial grade bath bombs
I create and offer ceremonial Medicine wheel/ dream catchers.
I will have both for display/sale as well as some packages for private ceremonies or discounts in group ceremony.

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