July Business Prize Draw. Irene Lafleche is a SCA member and has won the a car detail clean from Loic Florent Mobile Car Detailing!
Loic makes everyone very happy with his transforming magic. And he comes to your driveway!

Irene will be treated to a complete interior car cleaning including full vacuum of the car and trunk, carpets shampoo, salt and stain removal, cleaning seats, dashboard, doors, and windows- in her own driveway.

For anyone else looking for this service.. Loic charges $75 for this convenient service! He is so popular he relies on word of mouth only and can be reached via FB messenger! Loic Florent Car Detailing is phone number 613-890-2891

Congrats Irene!

One thought on “Loic Florent Mobile Car Detailing!

  1. Loic came by on Saturday to detail my car….and detail is exactly what he does. He spent close to 4 hours vleaning the i terior of my car. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting the utmost of service….right in your own driveway!

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