A message from the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG):

As a follow up to our previous community update sent out on May 22,  the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG) would like to inform Stonebridge residents that after three months of constructive discussions and negotiations with Mattamy, we believe we have reached a unique favourable long-term solution that addresses the community’s biggest concerns. While certain details still need to be worked through, the purpose of this meeting is to present the proposed overall solution to you,  solicit your feedback and get an early indication as to whether or not the solution has broad community support.

We, therefore, invite all Stonebridge residents to attend an important community meeting scheduled for July 30th at 7 PM. The SWG will present a summary of our work to date and an overview of the proposed agreement, after which the floor will be opened up to your questions and feedback. This is your primary opportunity to hear what the proposed solution is and for you to seek in-person clarification on the potential future state of your community. After the meeting, SWG members will be available to answer all of your questions. Mattamy representatives, Councillors and city staff will be invited to attend. 

For those unable to attend we will be live-streaming the event, however, we do encourage you to make every effort to attend in-person as this is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and those who have volunteered their time fighting for our community. We are all eager to answer any questions that you may have. Please help us spread the word about this meeting!

Book the date in your calendars today!

Meeting Date and Time: July 30, 2019 | 7.00-9.00PM

Location: St. Joseph High School Gymnasium | 3333 Greenbank Road, Nepean


Kind regards,

Aline Gossein, Mike Kujawski, James MacRae, Jay McLean, Stephanie Newell, Nicole Parent, Ron Reddick, Niraj Singhal, Karin Taylor, Spencer Warren, Brad Wright

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3 thoughts on “Important Community Meeting Announcement

  1. Hello,

    Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the July 30th meeting at St. Joseph High School. How do I get access to the live streaming of the event?



    1. Sorry for the late reply, we were swamped with comments on our social channels and missed this one. Hopefully, you were able to watch the live stream and see the presentation by now. Refer to our Facebook page for the archived stream and our latest post on this website for the presentation.

  2. Hi Karin and Jack
    Charlene and I attended the QA session last night. Thank you for the information, your time and
    Service on behalf of the Stonebridge Community is very much appreciated.
    At this time, we both support the SWG proposals.
    Having the golf course developed with housing must be avoided as property values will surely decline, we will also lose the vistas and in fact having a golf course. We also suggest that turning
    the golf course into green space would not be a total disaster should deficits in future operations occur. We are not concerned about future levies as the circumstances will be under full SCA control and the reserve option is to turn the golf course into green space.
    We do understand that community support is crucial to the successful operation of a golf course. In this case, we would be supporting our “Owned” course. Lessons, a junior program, etc may be improvements for the future. Surely, other golf courses are managed successfully on behalf of the owner.
    The levy, as proposed, spread over 9 tax years, appears to be an inexpensive way to avoid future housing development and an investment in the added value of your property. Property vaues will surely be maintained or indeed rise. It is a small investment for a solution that only has positive benefits.
    We also understand that there are many more details to be announced as this is a complicated issue, but in reality it is a “no brainer” for the residents of Stonebridge. The SWG are to be congratulated for the work to date.
    We look forward to information updates.

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