A message from the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG):

As a follow up to our previous community update sent out on May 7,  the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG) would like to inform Stonebridge residents that after over a month of constructive discussions and planning together as a group, last night we held our first in-person meeting with senior representatives from Mattamy to discuss the future of the Stonebridge Golf Course. In attendance were Kevin O’Shea (President, Ottawa Division), Kevin Murphy (Vice President, Land Development, Ottawa Division), and Patrick Dion (Public Relations, Consultant).

Key highlights that can be shared at this time:

  • The meeting was generally positive, with both sides listening to and discussing each other’s key issues and concerns in a constructive manner
  • The discussion focused around the future of the golf course, potential development, and Mattamy’s relations with the community
  • It was decided that the two groups are now in a position to continue to meet together with the intent of identifying preliminary elements of an agreement in principle, which we can then present to the community for feedback

Please note that the SWG community update meeting that we had previously hoped would occur by the end of this month will now take place in June. We want to ensure that we have enough new information and/or proposed actions to share with the community to make the next meeting worth everyone’s valuable time.

Kind regards,

Aline Gossein, Mike Kujawski, James MacRae, Jay McLean, Stephanie Newell, Nicole Parent, Ron Reddick, Niraj Singhal, Karin Taylor, Spencer Warren, Brad Wright

2 thoughts on “Golf Course Development – Update from the SWG – May 22, 2019

  1. I’m really concerned about the SWG approach on this issue.

    I’ll be frank. Anything less than a full stop on plans to demolish any part of the course would be a FAIL (and a win for Mattamy). There are times to take a ‘Canadian’ approach on issues like these and there are times to be ‘American’. This issue screams for the American version which, from what I’m reading, is not your direction.

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