A message from the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG):

As announced on April 28 by Jack Stirling of The Stirling Group and contracted by the City of Ottawa, an 11 member working group was formed to participate in discussions with Mattamy Homes. The Stonebridge Working Group (SWG), leveraging the extensive feedback received by residents, seeks a path forward with Mattamy that is in the best interests of the Community and its residents. Since the end of April, the SWG has met twice a week with Mr. Stirling and discussions have focused on the “three key pillars” as identified by Mr. Stirling at the April public meeting. These pillars are as follows, the Stonebridge Golf Course, residential development, and future Mattamy & community initiatives. Mr. Stirling has also held separate meetings with Mattamy executives regarding these three pillars. When deemed appropriate, the two groups will begin to hold joint meetings. In the interim, the SWG will continue to meet twice per week. It is our intention to schedule a community-wide meeting to update residents on the general status of these discussions. We hope to be able to confirm a date for this meeting as soon as possible and expect that the meeting will be held prior to June 1st, 2019. Time will be set aside at this meeting to address questions from residents.

Kind regards,

Aline Gossein, Mike Kujawski, James MacRae, Jay McLean, Stephanie Newell, Nicole Parent, Ron Reddick, Niraj Singhal, Karin Taylor, Spencer Warren, Brad Wright



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One thought on “Golf Course Development – Update from the Stonebridge Working Group – May 7, 2019

  1. Should consideration be given to renaming this task? In my opinion, “Golf Course Development” suggests that a decision has already been made. Perhaps “Mattamy’s Desire to Develop Housing on the Golf Course” is more descriptive (although not as concise)? Just a thought.

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