The medical facilities and staff worldwide have been overwhelmed by the numbers of people requiring medical attention…and right here in our community, there is an appeal from our front line workers for donations of face masks due to short supply.

One of our Stonebridge residents, Lovina Srivastava has responded to this critical need in our community. In mid-March, she took the initiative to start making and donating 100% cotton masks to any front line worker or individual with compromised health. The Masks Unlimited team has grown to 40 volunteers. Their hard work has resulted in over 1000 masks being delivered to retirement homes, grocery store staff and families in need. The demand is increasingly growing for more and help is desperately needed.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Offer to sew masks (patterns and materials will be provided)
  2. Donate cotton materials (new or lightly used bedsheets, tablecloths or cotton fabric)
  3. Donate 5 mm elastic (any colour welcome) or cutting mats or thread
  4. Lend a working sewing machine
  5. Offer to coordinate, drive, pick-up or deliver 

This initiative is a 100% donation and volunteer service and requires zero human-to-human contact. Porch pick-ups and deliveries are arranged. If you would like to lend a hand, please complete the Google form which can be found at or call Lovina at (613) 790-6066.

If you need help:

If you are an essential worker or in need of masks due to compromised health for yourself or to protect your family, please complete the Google form which can be found at Alternatively, contact Lovina directly at (613)-790-6066. 

Masks Unlimited Website

Your support will be greatly appreciated.
Wishing your family good health and safety.


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