Received September 17, 2018

Craig MacAulay

1) I support the Stonebridge community in its efforts to stop any development on the Stonebridge Golf Course because it’s a BAD DEAL for the community and should NOT be allowed. Jan Harder and Mattamy Homes should be ashamed of themselves.

2) I’m doing my best BEFORE the election to convince voters to elect a council that will work for the ENTIRE community, not just for professional politicians like Jan Harder and her 1% donors. AFTER the election (assuming I’m elected mayor) I will work tirelessly to respond to your (justifiable) outrage.

I hope you like one of my most important campaign planks:

“A good start would be opening up decisions at City Hall by implementing a ward council system and making sure that component neighbourhood community associations are legitimate, transparent and accountable. NOT fake community associations created and financed by a councillor to serve the needs of a small clique at the taxpayer and community’s expense!”

Citizen/Sun questionnaire 2018

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