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Save Stonebridge – SCA Update (Oct. 2, 2018)

New Announcement: IMPORTANT NOTICE

As you may already know, on July 25th, Mattamy withdrew the application for its Phase 16 development on the Stonebridge Golf Course. While this is a good start, we know that Mattamy will be back. For now, they have agreed to enter facilitated talks with City staff, City councillors and a Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) working group regarding their ongoing desire to build on the Stonebridge Golf Course.

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MATTAMY STATEMENT RELEASE: A message from Kevin O’Shea of Mattamy

New Announcement: IMPORTANT NOTICE

MATTAMY STATEMENT RELEASE: A message from Kevin O’Shea of Mattamy Homes, Ottawa Division President:

Mattamy Homes Update on Stonebridge Community:

Thank you everyone for your candid feedback at the Public Information Session last month. It’s clear to us many of you have questions and concerns about the proposed development and planning process. We at Mattamy are committed to developing thoughtful, inspired communities and are confident that we can ensure the Stonebridge community remains a great place to live.

We believe the best way to move forward is to withdraw our rezoning and plan of subdivision applications at this time. This will allow the proposed Working Group (Stonebridge residents, Councillors, City staff and Mattamy) to focus on working together to shape the future of Stonebridge without the distraction of the planning application process and timeline.

In the spirit of cooperation, we have collaborated with City of Ottawa Municipal Councillors and Officials who were in agreement with this approach as well as Jay McLean at the Stonebridge Community Association. We are all confident that this is the best approach and are looking forward to an open and productive exchange of ideas that can contribute to the process.



New Announcement: IMPORTANT NOTICE

The SCA received a message last night from Councillor Harder for distribution to the Stonebridge community.

“Jay, thank you very much for your assistance in working with Mattamy. We are pleased to advise this evening that Mattamy Homes withdrew their application this afternoon. We look forward to continuing to work with you, community neighbours and Mattamy commencing with a facilitated session early in September. Let’s Talk!

Jan Harder and Scott Moffatt”

Thank you to all that have taken the time to communicate their opposition to our elected representatives and participated at the meetings!

The possibility of future development of the Stonebridge golf course is still very real, and we must continue to prepare for talks with the City and Mattamy representatives in early September.

An application to develop or reconfigure the golf course could come again at any time, therefore let’s continue to work together so that we are even stronger, united, and exceptionally well prepared to take on the next challenge coming our way.

Our Connect the Community campaign continues thanks to our devoted canvassers. Please also watch for our community-wide survey in coming days, as it is needed to obtain valuable information to support our future efforts.

Stay tuned! Let’s stand together to protect the future of Stonebridge!



New Announcement: IMPORTANT NOTICE

The SCA received a communication from Councillor Harder she prepared for the Stonebridge community. Mattamy has agreed to set aside Ontario’s Planning Rules with regards to the timing of this development, and has also agreed to engage a working group with Stonebridge residents.

Essentially, the application is on “hold” until the proposed talks. Talks will involve City Councillors, City Staff, Mattamy representatives and the Stonebridge working group in the late August, early September time frame.

The amount of work we have ahead of us to reach our entire community, organize volunteers and get to work preparing for discussion in late August, early September is substantial. This doesn’t change the importance of the initiatives that are already underway, including the formation of community working groups to initiate the work ahead.

If you have questions, please contact

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Barnsdale at Prince of Wales – Intersection Modification

New Announcement:
This information was provided by the City of Ottawa. The information session consisted of the attached boards posted around the atrium of the RVCA building. City planning representatives and consultants were present to discuss the boards with individuals. Sheets of paper were provided for citizens comments. Any comments may be sent to Kunjan Ghimire via email at or by phone at 613-580-2424, ext. 21685. Barnsdale/Prince of Wales Intersection.pdf


Planning Circulation: 4305, 4345 & 4375 McKenna Casey Drive & 3285, 3288, 3300, 3305 & 3330 Borrisokane Road

New Announcement:
The City of Ottawa has received an Official Plan Amendment to introduce site-specific special policies to allow for the identification of lands suitable for development through a specified approvals process. Site Location: 4305, 4345 and 4375 McKenna Casey Drive and 3285, 3288, 3300, 3305 and 3330 Borrisokane Road. Read More


Community Information Session 3740 Jockvale Road/2741 Longfields Drive

New Announcement:
Public Information Session: November 30th, 2017 6:30pm -8:00pm Cambrian Room @ Minto Sportsplex Proposed Plan Application of Subdivision: 52 residential units consisting of bungalow semi-detached dwellings and bungalow townhouses.  One new public street is proposed which would connect to Longfields Drive (previously Jockvale Road) in two locations. This is your opportunity to meet the builder and the city planning department to learn more about the proposed development and provide your input on the matter. Read More


Glenview Homes & Mattamy Homes Community Information & Comment Session

New Announcement:
Public Information Session: Wednesday November 22, 2017  6:30 to 9:00 pm, Minto Recreation Complex, Cambrian Room Proposed Plan of Subdivision Applications: Glenview Homes – 3387 Borrisokane Road – City file number D07-16-16-0018
Mattamy homes subdivision – 3900 Cambrian Road, 3454, 3508 Greenbank Road & 3345 Borrisokane Road – City file # D07-16-16-0023 . Read More