Residing next to the Stonebridge Golf Course’s 5th hole tee blocks, PGA of Canada golf professional, Andy Rajhathy, lives with his wife and two children and works from home and on-site at various locations where he manages golf events throughout the year.

In 2007, Andy met ClubEG President, Jamie Ryan. The golf club had been in operation since 2004 and continued to grow steadily each year. Andy started at ClubEG with a few small roles and things continued to grow and evolve as the two soon found they both shared the same vision of the future of golf. The key principles that ClubEG leans on are that golf is supposed to be fun and  encouraging with a good mix of competition. There needs to be a place for everyone in the game, no matter your skill level, age, gender, competitive  nature or location.

Andy is now Tournament Director of the Ottawa Sun Scramble, which has become the region’s largest golf event with 1,400 competitors.  There are several other major events that ClubEG conducts throughout the season along with several golf leagues for all types of golfers and about 10 golf trips each year.

There isn’t much that ClubEG doesn’t do in the golf world, so if you have the smallest inkling to play, get in touch at In addition to running events, Club EG allows its members to play over 60 courses with a single annual membership fee, and to easily arrange games with friends and meet new people. Andy maintains the relationships with the golf course owners, managers and professionals, as well as with ClubEG’s customers and he is always open to having a chat – be it one the streets of Stonebridge or by email at

SPECIAL OFFER! Golf is about to start and ClubEG has a membership option for you! Residents of Stonebridge receive one additional round credit if they use the promo code SCA2022 when signing up. This applies to new members only.

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