Received September 25, 2018

Zaff Ansari

1. Will you support the Stonebridge community in its efforts to stop any development on the Stonebridge Golf Course? Why or why not?

I will support the Stonebridge Community in their fight against the developer to build homes, main reason because it is close to my heart since I am the only local candidate known to the area for many years and has been living around the area for 8 years and familiar with the neighborhoods and share the concerns with lot of my friends and families who live here, I’m also worried of growing developer influence in the City Council and I am the only candidate who has raised concerns from day one and has made it my campaign top priority to exempt developer influence.
I am also aware residents has paid premium prices to buy the homes and I share their concerns and I have assured the residents in Golf Links during my interaction at the Stonebridge Association meetings and during my door to door campaign that I will do everything in my power to stop the developer from building homes if I am elected next Councillor.

2.If you choose to support residents of the Stonebridge community, how will you support us? What specifically can and will you do?

Since I live around the area and have lot of friends and families, I share their concern. I will use my power to block any motion.
I will use all my influence to stop the developer application going forward. I will work with the Stonebridge Community and stand with them in the battle to stop the closure of holes in the Golf Course to build new homes on them.