Stonebridge Christmas Craft & Vendor Show Terms and Conditions

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The Stonebridge Christmas Craft and Vendor Show (referred to as Event) is being organized by the Stonebridge Community Association (referred to as Organizer) at the Stonebridge Golf Club (referred to as the Venue) in order to provide an opportunity for Barrhaven area vendors, crafters and small businesses (referred to as Vendor) to gain visibility in our community, and to give area residents a great way to get their Christmas shopping done while supporting local small businesses.

Time and Location

The Event will take place on November 9th from 10 am – 3 pm. Set up can start at 8:20 am and tear down must be completed by 4 pm, see ‘Set Up and Tear Down’ section for details.

The Event will be held in the hall of the beautiful Stonebridge Golf Club, surrounded by large windows overlooking the golf course. Venue is located at 68 Hawktree Ridge. Venue has plenty of free parking. More information on the Venue can be found at Stonebridge Golf & Country Club.


This Event is open to vendors, crafters and small businesses located in the Barrhaven area, with priority given to Stonebridge applicants and previous vendors for a week.

Duplication of vendor types will be avoided at the discretion of the Organizer.

Vendor spots are available on a first come first serve basis and will be confirmed by the Organizer prior to payment submission.

Payment can be made and registration completed online and is required to secure your spot. Vendor spot is guaranteed only once payment and registration are completed and Vendor received email confirmation from Organizer.

Method of online payment used can be VISA, MasterCard or Amex.

Registration is non-refundable, unless show is cancelled in which case a full refund will be provided.


The Event will be advertised by the Organizer on our Facebook page, website and to our mailing lists. Organizer will also advertise the Event on Facebook groups, kijiji and our city councillors’ mailings and newsletters.

Vendor’s help in promoting and advertising the event is much appreciated. Help spread the word by telling your friends and family and by sharing and posting on your Facebook pages. You can share the Event’s Facebook page found at You can also print and post the poster near your residence and place of work.

Download the Stonebridge Christmas Craft and Vendor Show Poster: Poster 2019

Vendor Spot

Each vendor spot is long enough to fit a 6′ table at a cost of $50. Table and chairs are not provided.

Table linen is required to be provided by the Vendor. Table linen must cover the front and side of the table, making items stored under the table not visible to visitors.

Electricity can be requested but cannot be guaranteed, we will try our best to accommodate requests. Electrical outlets are limited and must be shared in a safe way. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to have an extension cord, a power bar and tape down the wires with duct tape to avoid injuries.

Wall space can be requested but cannot be guaranteed, we will try our best to accommodate requests.

Vendor is solely responsible for loss or damage of items and products displayed or stored at their table.


Vendor’s display can include products, marketing material and decorative display items.

Vendor’s display may include cold food and drink samples, as long as indicated on registration form and approved by Organizer.


Vendor is responsible to bring change and small bills, or wireless method of payment, as applicable.

There is no ATM on the premises. Availability of Wi-Fi will be confirmed later.

Gift Baskets

Vendors can provide a gift basket for the event to gain further visibility for their business. Gift baskets must be provided to Organizer on the day of the event by 9:30 am.

Gift baskets will be raffled off throughout the event. Vendors will be given the opportunity to present their gift baskets if preferred.

Providing a gift basket gives you a scheduled opportunity for a 5-minute business showcase at the event, with 10 such spots available. See ‘Business Showcase’ section for details.

Gift Bags

First 40 visitors will receive a free gift bag. Should you wish to contribute to the gift bags, this opportunity is available to you for an additional $10.

Gift bag contributions must be small in size. They can include samples, business cards, coupons and other items related to Vendor’s business.

Gift bag contributions must be added to gift bags by the Vendor before 9:30 am on the day of the event.

Business Showcase

Organizer will schedule 10 business showcases throughout the event, 5 minutes each.

Business showcase will be done at the Vendor’s table with a microphone available.

Business showcase can include a product presentation, company summary or other related information.

Business Logo Banner

Vendors can provide their logos to be included in a banner on our website until and including the day of the Event.

This opportunity is available to you for an additional $10.

Set Up

Vendors can arrive at the venue from 8 am and begin setting up in the hall at 8:20 am. They are required to be ready by 9:45 am.

Loading can be done through the main door, without obstructing emergency and other vehicles. Once loading is complete, vehicles must be parked in the parking lot.

Vendor spots will be allocated by the Organizer and clearly marked with your name on the day of the Event.

Vendor displays are not to obstruct the flow of traffic through the venue, or nearby vendor displays. Vendor displays are not allowed on the walls.

If a vendor is not present at the venue by 9:30 am, their spot can be given to another Vendor.

Vendors contributing gift baskets must have their baskets provided to the Organizer by 9:30 am.

Vendors contributing to gift bags must have their items placed in the bags themselves by 9:30 am.

Tear Down

Vendors are required to be at their tables with their display intact for the entire length of the show.

Vendors can begin tear down at 3 pm and are required to have vacated the premises by 4 pm.

Organizer Contact Info

The Venue is solely the venue for the Event and it is not involved in the organization and management of the Event.

Any questions, problems or concerns should be directed to the Organizer’s Director of Events who can be reached by email at, so they can be responded to and dealt with effectively.

Event information can also be found on the Organizer’s website at and Facebook page

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