Stonebridge Working Group (SWG) – Proposed Golf Course Solution Documents.

The presentation slides from the SWG Community Meeting held today (Sep 30th, 2019) are now available as is Mattamy’s signed Letter of Intent (LOI). All official SWG – Proposed Golf Course Solution documents published to date, including the ones mentioned above, are provided for your convenience below. Please ensure you read through these carefully so that you are well informed before voting on the community levy.


1.Original SWG Proposal Presentation – July 30th, 2019

2.SWG’s Official Report to Councillors – September 4th,2019

3.FAQ # 1, 2 and 3 – August 8th, 19th and September 23rd, 2019


4.Mattamy’s Letter of Intent (LOI) September 30th, 2019

5.SWG Community Update Presentation – September 30th, 2019



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6 thoughts on “SWG – Community Meeting Slides (Sep 30) + Letter of Intent (LOI) now Available

  1. What is meant by “green space”? Will the golf course property just be left to grow wild? Will any structures, playgrounds, parking areas be developed? If so is it the City that will undertake and fund those projects or will homeowners have to ante up?
    Currently Mattamy does not permit access to the golf property during the winter months for cross country skiing or to use the frozen ponds as ice rinks. Will this change when the City takes over or will there still be liability issues around using the ponds as rinks?

      1. The LOI defines green space, but does not clarify what passive green space means – which is the term being used in this development. Will they just stop the maintenance of the course and let it grow wild? Or will they plant trees, shrubs etc to make it like Stonebridge Trail, which everyone is comparing it to? There are too many unknowns… VOTE NO!

  2. Hi,

    While I appreciate the work done by the working group I am not in agreement with the home owners buying the golf course. I have lived here since 2002 and I am a golfer. Several golf course in Ottawa have been or are for sale. Glen Mar sold about a year or two ago.

    Operating a golf course is a challenging specialty and can very very expensive.

    To very clear I have no interest in buying the golf course by any means. I believe we as Canadians cannot be forced to purchase anything we don’t want.

    I am sorry but do not include me as a home owner in Stonebridge in any whole or in part purchase of the Stonebridge golf course.

    1. Hi Ron, have you taken a look at our FAQs? The current vote is merely to give us the option to purchase the golf course lands via a levy in order to prevent future development. Should the community decide it wants to keep running the golf course instead of converting the lands to passive greenspace then we would get a 3rd party operator to run it (as per the FAQs). Cheers.

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