Cracked sidewalk in Stonebridge needing repair

A recent post on the Stonebridge Facebook page commented on the number of sidewalks that are cracked and in need of repair within Stonebridge. I took a walk on the streets near my home to see the state of the sidewalks there…. and I would have to agree that there are a number of sidewalk cracks that look like they need attention.

Any sidewalk on a public street is City of Ottawa property. Repairs are done in the summer months. To make a report and request a repair, you will need to identify the street address, location of the damage and provide a description of the damage. (You don’t have to live in front of a sidewalk to report the damage.) Taking a picture of the sidewalk is helpful as well. A private street usually with the word “Private” in the name should be reported to the property manager for that street.

Here’s an easy way to report cracked and damaged sidewalks to the City of Ottawa online:

Use this link to take you to an online form that you can complete and upload photos to in order to generate a repair request during summer months. The City of Ottawa advises that someone should be dispatched to assess the situation within approximately 5 to 7 days.

If you prefer to contact the City of Ottawa by phone, simply dial 311 and asked to be directed to Road Repairs (subcategory Sidewalks) where you can provide a verbal report.

If we all take the time to note and report these damaged sidewalks, we will be helping to make Stonebridge a safer and tidier community for all to enjoy.



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