Stonebridge Levy

The Stonebridge Levy administered by the City of Ottawa will be used to generate the funds required to purchase the Stonebridge Golf Course lands from Mattamy in 2029 as defined in the Stonebridge legal agreements established between Mattamy, the City of Ottawa and the SCA.

The Ottawa City Council approved the Stonebridge Levy on October 9, 2020 based on the results of the community-wide levy vote which was supported by a large majority of residents.

Further information pertaining to how the Stonebridge Levy was established can be found here on the City of Ottawa website.

Stonebridge Account Update (2021 – Year 1)

The Stonebridge Levy account balance for 2021 is $638,197.34 as reported in the Stonebridge Levy Statement of Account for 2021 issued by the City of Ottawa.

In 2021, the Stonebridge Levy was included in the final property tax bill. In 2022 and for subsequent years, the levy amount will be split between the interim tax bill and the final tax bill. 3438 properties in the Stonebridge catchment area were subject to the levy. The number of homes subject to the Stonebridge Levy will increase gradually as new Stonebridge homes are constructed and added to the municipal tax roll when title is registered to an owner.

The Stonebridge Levy resulted in the collection of a total amount of $778,107.12 (very close to the estimated annual target of $777,778, see FAQ #8 below). Nominal interest of $1,550.00 was accrued. Two one-time expenses were incurred in 2021. Land transfer tax was paid in the amount of $116,660.98 necessary to register caution on the title of the golf course lands to ensure that the purchase and sale agreement (Tripartite) is registered on title as advised legally. An environmental site assessment (ESA) was performed at a cost of $24,798.30, a requirement of the purchase and sale agreement in accordance with the City’s property acquisition policy.

Stonebridge Account Update (2022 – Year 2)

To be posted after the 2022 statement of account has been received from the City and reviewed by the SCA. Update to be provided at the SCA AGM conducted before June 30th, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 – When will the Stonebridge Levy start?

The Stonebridge Levy is being introduced in 2021. The annual levy charge for 2021 will be applied to the final property tax bill. In subsequent years the Stonebridge Levy will be divided between the interim and final tax bills.

2 – How much will the annual levy charge be?

The annual levy charge is estimated at $48 per $100,000 MPAC assessed value of the property. For example, if the MPAC assessed value of your home is $500,000 your estimated annual levy charge is $240.

3 – When will the Stonebridge Levy stop?

The Stonebridge Levy is expected to run for 9 years ending in 2029 to generate the funds required to purchase the Stonebridge Golf Course lands in October 2029 from Mattamy as described in the Tripartite Agreement.

4 – Who is subject to the Stonebridge Levy?

All property owners of homes located within the Stonebridge catchment area are subject to the Stonebridge Levy. As new homes are built within the Stonebridge community, these homes will also be subject to the Stonebridge Levy once added to the City’s property tax roll.

5 – How many homes will be subject to the Stonebridge Levy?

As of 2020, the City reports 3,431 homes within the Stonebridge catchment area. This number will increase as newly built homes are added to the property tax roll in the future.

6 – Who is responsible for the Stonebridge Levy?

The City of Ottawa is responsible for administering the Stonebridge Levy.

7 – Who should I call with questions about the levy charge on my property tax bill?

If you have questions about the Stonebridge Levy calculation on your bill, please can contact City of Ottawa Revenue Services at 613-580-2444 or by email at

8 – How much is being collected from the Stonebridge community each year?

The estimated annual levy charge of $48 per $100,000 MPAC assessed value of each property is based on the collection of $777,778 each year for 9 years in order to generate the target of $7M by 2029. The estimated annual levy charge is based on 2019 MPAC assessments.

9 – Will the levy charge change when new MPAC assessments are done?

Probably not. The annual Stonebridge Levy implementation involves collecting 1/9th of the $7M target each year for 9 years. After reassessment, for example, the estimated annual levy charge per $100,000 may drop to $32 per $100,000, but the value of the home has increased proportionately. For a home previously assessed at $100,000, the annual levy charge was $48. On reassessment the estimated levy charge per $100,000 has dropped to $32, but the home is now worth $150,000, so the levy cost remains the same at $48.

10 – Will the levy charge change as new homes are built in the Stonebridge community?

If there are more homes contributing to the collection of the annual target of $777,778 then the levy burden for homeowners is likely to decrease, in a limited way, as the decrease will be proportionate to the number of new homes relative to the total number of homes in the community.

11 – How will we know the balance of the Stonebridge Levy Reserve account at the City of Ottawa?

The City has recommended that the SCA submit a request for a report on the Stonebridge Levy Reserve account each Spring, allowing for the City to complete its year end work and provide a balance on the account for the previous year.

12 – Will the Stonebridge Levy Reserve account make interest on the funds collected?

The levy funds collected will bear interest at the 90-day Treasury Bill average rate. The City will adjust the levy collected in the final year (2029) by the interest accrued over the levy period.

13 – What if a property owner doesn’t pay the levy charge?

The City of Ottawa’s collection mechanisms will apply to the Stonebridge levy charge as they would to any other City taxes.

Key Reference Document Links

For new residents and/or anyone that wants to review previously released files concerning the future of the Stonebridge Golf Course and the Stonebridge Levy here are some key links:

Please refer to the Stonebridge Legal Agreements page for copies of the Tripartite and Two Party Agreements formed with Mattamy and the City of Ottawa.