What exactly is the SCA again?
The Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) is a volunteer-run incorporated non-profit organization with a mission to advance the interests of the Stonebridge community and the quality of life of its residents. We aim to both keep our community informed and generally represent its interests in the form of a collective voice, on issues such as development and planning, traffic and transportation, recreational facilities and programs, safety, municipal by-laws, and community affairs. We are comprised entirely of volunteers, including a Board of Directors and Registered Members. The Stonebridge community is home to over 3000 households, bounded by the Jock River to the North, Prince of Wales to the East, Barnsdale to South, and Greenbank to the West.

Our Reach
Last summer the SCA, together with the help of over 40 additional resident volunteers, ran a community-wide door to door campaign to expand our mailing list. It was a tremendous success and resulted in our mailing list more than tripling in size (we now reach over 60% of Stonebridge households). While in prior years SCA email communications were limited in reach to SCA members only, we made a strategic decision to expand the reach of our email communications to include anyone choosing to opt-in. We have also continued to grow our audience on Facebook and have recently created a Twitter account to further expand our online presence.

Our Challenge
Of over 3000 homes in Stonebridge, only 200 households (7%) currently hold an SCA membership.

How much does an SCA membership cost?
The annual family (household) SCA membership is a nominal fee of $20.

Why we strongly encourage all residents to be SCA members
Your membership first and foremost helps to ensure that we can continue to deliver on our mission of advancing the interests of the Stonebridge community and the quality of life of its residents. Membership also helps to support community building programs and events, such as the ‘Just for Fun’ Soccer Program for community kids aged 3-9, the Annual Spring Community Cleanup, the Annual Children’s Christmas Party, the SCA Golf Tournament, Movie Nights in the Park, the Christmas Craft and Vendor Show, the Annual Stonebridge Garage Sale, and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to name a few. Membership fees are also used to support the operations of the outdoor Kilbirnie skating rink and activities related to the adoption of our 4 community parks as well as the beautiful Stonebridge Trail. As an added bonus, all SCA members qualify for a 20% discount for the City of Ottawa’s fitness membership program. Finally, membership guarantees your receipt of important community information and invitations to all community meetings.

What are the SCA’s operating costs?
The SCA is entirely volunteer run. Thousands of collective annual volunteer hours go into its day to day operations. With that being said, the SCA has actual operating costs. We rely on membership fees as the main source of revenue that is used to offset the operational costs of the SCA. Examples of these costs include meeting room rentals, A/V equipment rental, printing costs, community billboards, software subscriptions, and more recently the costs associated with the federal incorporation of the SCA, and consultation with subject matter experts on various community issues as they arise. This past year we have experienced increased demands on the SCA due primarily to the proposed Mattamy golf course development file. Our 2019 costs to date are over $10,000 more than in the past. Numerous SCA Board members are now also volunteering their time on the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG). Association costs have increased substantially, as has the time commitment required by the association’s board members and supporting volunteers. These volunteer efforts have amounted to thousands of volunteer hours. This increased demand on time and resources will continue well into the Summer and Fall of 2019.

We need your support!
We are reaching out today to kindly ask that you join the Stonebridge Community Association or renew your subscription if you have held a membership in the past. Our initial membership drive goal is to increase our membership base by 500 households. Your membership is active for one year from the day that you join. With the convenient auto-renewal option, your membership will continue after the first year, and you can cancel at any time if you change your mind or you relocate outside the Stonebridge community.

How to join the SCA
You can join the SCA right now by registering in the Membership Center on our website and paying the $20 fee. If you’re unsure if your membership is still active, please ask by emailing membership@stonebridgeca.com. The SCA also offers a variety of business membership packages that you can learn more about at the Business Center on the website, or email us at sponsorship@stonebridgeca.com with any questions that you have.

Help us spread the word!
Please help us spread the word and welcome fellow residents at the door who are volunteering their time to help ensure that all Stonebridge residents are aware of the SCA’s role in the community, how to stay informed, and the importance of joining as a member. To those residents that have been recurring subscribers to our membership program, many thanks for your ongoing support!


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