The SCA is strongly committed to protecting and enhancing the environment through policy, leadership, awareness and engagement by all community members at a time when the consequences of inaction are no longer acceptable to Society.

Your Association is also firmly committed to providing a safe and secure quality of life factor based on vigorously reducing crime of any nature.

Residents will also be expected to play their part by balancing individual rights with community needs through mutual respect and responsibility when it comes to general conduct, obeying community covenants and city bylaws.

Coyotes & Some Safety Tips

  Coyotes have been in the news lately; having caused trouble in Riverside South as well as Barrhaven. They are not frequently encountered; but in the event that you do meet upRead More...
By : Ann Miller | Jun 20, 2020

How to Navigate Roundabouts (Traffic Circles)

  If it sometimes feels like you are going in circles, this may be because you are driving on a traffic circle or roundabout. In the Stonebridge community we have have anRead More...
By : Ann Miller | Jun 20, 2020

COVID-19 Update from Ottawa Public Health

  Dear Stonebridge Community Members, we have been asked to share the following message by Ottawa Public Health. To all Ottawa-area Community Associations, As Ottawa Public Health and the City of OttawaRead More...
By : Mike | Mar 27, 2020

Stolen Toyota Highlander Vehicles in South Barrhaven

A Message from Constable Herriot at the Ottawa Police Service: I am writing to inform you of the increase in just the last week September 14-20 2019  of stolen Toyota Highlander vehicles.Read More...
By : Jay | Sep 23, 2019