The SCA is strongly committed to protecting and enhancing the environment through policy, leadership, awareness and engagement by all community members at a time when the consequences of inaction are no longer acceptable to Society.

Your Association is also firmly committed to providing a safe and secure quality of life factor based on vigorously reducing crime of any nature.

Residents will also be expected to play their part by balancing individual rights with community needs through mutual respect and responsibility when it comes to general conduct, obeying community covenants and city bylaws.


WARNING: Vehicle break-ins in the area

WARNING: There has been an increase in vehicle break-ins in the area. Please take valuables out of the car, lock your vehicle, and report any incidents. The Ottawa Police are aware. PleaseRead More...
By : editor/committee | Aug 2, 2017

Ottawa Fire Services will be knocking on doors next week

Ottawa – Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) firefighters will visit homes throughout the city between June 5 and 12 to ensure that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are present and in workingRead More...
By : editor/committee | Jun 5, 2017


PARKS & FIELDS CLOSURE: We wanted to advise residents that the City’s ball diamonds, sports fields and parks remain closed as they are extremely wet and can be easily damaged if used.Read More...
By : editor/committee | May 4, 2017

May Is Bike to Work Month

The beginning of May marks the start of Bike to Work Month. The City of Ottawa is proud to be a core partner of this fun and engaging commuter cycling campaign. Read More
By : editor/committee | May 3, 2017