The restrictive covenants that we agreed to when purchasing our homes in the Stonebridge community apply whether you are the original owner or have purchased the home as resale.

In summary, the following are not permitted by the restrictive covenants in place:

  • Above ground pools are not permitted.
  • Satellite dishes are not permitted on the front or sides of homes (must not be visible from the street).
  • Boats, snow mobiles and/or RV parking is not permitted in driveways or on the street.
  • Lawn and advertising signage is not permitted other than For Sale or Rent signs, which must be smaller than 3′ X 2′.
  • The original exterior colours chosen (including front and garage doors) are not to be changed within the first 15 years of the initial home purchase.

We all agreed to these covenants when we bought in Stonebridge and they help to ensure the prestige of the neighbourhood and a healthy base for property values.

The Stonebridge Community Association, and your neighbours, sincerely thank you for your attention to this matter.