Adopt-a-Park is a city-wide program that encourages community involvement in the care and maintenance of City parks. It is a partnership between volunteers and the City. The program is open to community groups and individuals of all ages who want to take an active role in enhancing the quality of life in our community.

Our Role

Adopt volunteers make a commitment to cleaning up a park:

  • A minimum of twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall
  • For a period of two to five years to provide continuity

To acknowledge these important efforts, a sign presenting the name of the adopting individual or group is displayed on the park or roadway throughout the adoption period.

The City’s Role

  • Respond to inquiries within 10 days
  • Coordinate necessary approvals
  • Provide cleanup and/or graffiti removal supplies
  • Install signage
  • Collect litter when notified
  • Provide agreement renewal opportunities
  • Coordinate the provision of loaned cleanup tools

Thanks to the hard work of Stonebridge Community Association and community volunteers we have adopted all 4 of our community parks as well as the Stonebridge Trail.

Kilbirnie Park – Adopted Since 2010

Kilbirnie Park – is located in Stonebridge West at the corner of Shadehill Crescent and Kilbirnie Drive. The park boasts a splash pad with multiple sprinklers and jets, as well as an extensive playground with 3 structures, a large gazebo and swings. Kilbirnie Park Skating Rink The SCA is also the rink operator for the Kilbirnie park skating rink in the Winter that is maintained by community volunteers.


Kilbirnie Park – City of Ottawa Adopt Program Certificate


Kilbirnie Park

W.C. Levesque Park – Adopted Since 2010

W.C. Levesque Park – is located on Riverstone Drive and can also be accessed via LongField (Jockvale Road). It spans more than 24 acres running along the Jock River. The park consists of a large play structure, four swings, a gazebo and several soccer/playing fields including a cricket pitch. The SCA also hosts the ‘Just for Fun’ 6 week soccer program at this park in late Spring.


W.C. Levesque Park – City of Ottawa Adopt Program Certificate


W.C. Levesque Park

Golflinks Park – Adopted Since 2010

Golflinks Park – City of Ottawa Adopt Program Certificate

Golflinks Park is a small park with a climbing structure and swings at the corner of Golflinks Drive and Calderwood Way.



Golflinks Park


Orchard Park- Adopted Since 2017

Orchard Park is a 0.9 hectare parkette located at 415 Kilspindie Ridge in the Orchard Community of Barrhaven. The new park provides the neighbourhood with junior and senior playground equipment, swings, open space free play area, benchfit training, seating, pathways, and landscaped greenspace.

Application Approved in 2017 -Certificate

Orchard Park


Stonebridge Trail- Adopted Since 2017

This is a pleasant walk in an area that has rapidly developed into suburbia. Its two halves are quite different, with the first 2 km (1.25 mi) almost always within sight of houses, and the final 2 km (1.25 mi) at times feeling more remote than they actually are. Being so close to both the Jock and the Rideau rivers makes this a worthwhile hike for novices and families alike.

Application Approved in 2017 -Certificate

Stonebridge Trail