‘Just For Fun’ Soccer Registration is Open

  The popular ‘Just for Fun’ Soccer registration remains open. The program runs on Thursdays from May 19th through June 23rd at WC Levesque Park soccer fields. *  Note – Membership with<a class="moretag" href="https://www.stonebridgeca.com/just-for-fun-soccer-registration-is-open/">Read More...</a>
By : Ann Miller | Apr 27, 2022

Upcoming Events 2022

After the past two years of COVID-19 restrictions, the SCA is very excited to return our attention to one of our favorite activities – organizing some fun events for the residents of<a class="moretag" href="https://www.stonebridgeca.com/upcoming-events-2022/">Read More...</a>
By : Ann Miller | Mar 30, 2022

Traffic Calming Measures Return to Stonebridge this Spring

With snow plows off the road, you will notice a return of  traffic calming measures to the Stonebridge Community.  Some of them are seasonal, such as the flex stakes that will be<a class="moretag" href="https://www.stonebridgeca.com/traffic-calming-measures-return-to-stonebridge-this-spring/">Read More...</a>
By : Ann Miller | Mar 30, 2022

Stonebridge Community Spring Clean-Up Event (April 30th)

It’s time to do some Spring cleaning in the Stonebridge Community! This Spring’s Stonebridge Clean Up event will occur on Saturday April 30th from 10:00 a.m. until noon (rain date Sat. May<a class="moretag" href="https://www.stonebridgeca.com/stonebridge-community-spring-clean-up-event-april-30th/">Read More...</a>
By : Ann Miller | Mar 29, 2022
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