Position on Future Development of the Stonebridge Golf Course

2018 Municipal Election

Candidates’ Comments

Mayor of Ottawa   /  Ward 3 (Barrhaven)   /   Ward 22 (Gloucester-South Nepean)   /   Ward 21 (Rideau-Goulbourn)

In view of the City-wide election slated for October 22nd, 2018, the Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) has called on each candidate for the post of City councillor for Wards 3 (5 candidates), 21 (2 candidates) and 22 (5 candidates), as well as that of Mayor of the City of Ottawa (12 candidates), to provide the SCA with a position statement with regards to any application by Mattamy Homes for any development that may involve building over part of the existing Stonebridge Golf Course, or any redesign of the Stonebridge Golf Course that may decrease its total yardage thereby impacting the future viability of the golf course to the detriment of the Stonebridge community.

The Stonebridge community has widely demonstrated its outrage at Mattamy’s recent application to build homes on the Stonebridge golf course – Mattamy’s Stonebridge Phase 16. Although Mattamy Homes has withdrawn this application, it is expected that they will submit another application. We are firm in the intent to protect the Stonebridge Golf Course as a viable 18 hole golf course and one of the most prestigious and beautiful championship golf courses in the Ottawa area.

We’ve prepared a list of the email communications that the SCA has issued to the community since Mattamy’s Phase 16 application was submitted to the City on June 12th, as well as links to the numerous media articles that have been published.

Visit this page for a comprehensive list of communications on this issue.

On behalf of the residents of the Stonebridge community, the Stonebridge Community Association has requested a position statement regarding any future development of the Stonebridge Golf Course. This request included the following questions:

1. Will you support the Stonebridge community in its efforts to stop any development on the Stonebridge Golf Course? Why or why not?

2. If you choose to support residents of the Stonebridge community, how will you support us? What specifically can and will you do?

The SCA requested replies by Saturday, September 22nd when this request issued on Monday September 17th.

Replies will continue to be posted as received based on the availability of our volunteers.

Certified Candidates – 2018 Municipal Elections

For a complete list of candidates who have registered for the 2018 municipal election, including contact information, please refer to the City of Ottawa website.


Ward Boundaries

The large majority of Stonebridge residents reside in one of two wards, Ward 3 (Barrhaven, Councillor Jan Harder) on the west side of Longfields, and Ward 22 (Gloucester-South Nepean, Councillor Michael Qaqish) on the east side of Longfields. There are a small number of Stonebridge residents that reside in Ward 21 (Rideau-Goulbourn, Councillor Scott Moffatt).

Mattamy’s Phase 16 proposal to build homes on the Stonebridge Golf Course, now withdrawn, is on property located in Ward 21 (Rideau-Goulbourn, Councillor Scott Moffatt).

Candidates’ Comments

Use the links below to view the comments received from candidates for the office of Mayor, or City Councillor in their respective ward.

Mayor of Ottawa   /  Ward 3 (Barrhaven)   /   Ward 22 (Gloucester-South Nepean)   /   Ward 21 (Rideau-Goulbourn)