MATTAMY STATEMENT RELEASE: A message from Kevin O’Shea of Mattamy Homes, Ottawa Division President:

Mattamy Homes Update on Stonebridge Community:

Thank you everyone for your candid feedback at the Public Information Session last month. It’s clear to us many of you have questions and concerns about the proposed development and planning process. We at Mattamy are committed to developing thoughtful, inspired communities and are confident that we can ensure the Stonebridge community remains a great place to live.

We believe the best way to move forward is to withdraw our rezoning and plan of subdivision applications at this time. This will allow the proposed Working Group (Stonebridge residents, Councillors, City staff and Mattamy) to focus on working together to shape the future of Stonebridge without the distraction of the planning application process and timeline.

In the spirit of cooperation, we have collaborated with City of Ottawa Municipal Councillors and Officials who were in agreement with this approach as well as Jay McLean at the Stonebridge Community Association. We are all confident that this is the best approach and are looking forward to an open and productive exchange of ideas that can contribute to the process.

One thought on “MATTAMY STATEMENT RELEASE: A message from Kevin O’Shea of Mattamy

  1. It is impressive that Mattamy has decided to remove this issue from the current elections.
    After the elections, how will we be able to keep this from being rubber stamped by councilors?
    Can we continue to raise this with candidates and hope that they will live up to their pending commitments to keeping the community with the golf course.
    How does the council plan on allocating the green space that is currently golf course into new developments?
    Do not believe that this is over.

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