Jockvale /Longfields Widening – Cambrian to Prince Of Wales

Note: Currently pLanned for 2031

The preliminary and detail design was based on the approved Environmental Assessment that was completed in 2008. During the design process, the project team consulted with internal City departments to develop the proposed roadway cross-section.

Highlights of this new roadway include the following:

· Existing 2-lane rural cross-section widened to a 4-lane fully divided urban cross-section;
· 1.5m centre median, 2 x 3.75m lanes, no on-road cycling lanes, 4m boulevard (narrowed where required), 3m multi-use pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, 1m unencumbered space;
· New illumination within the 1.5m centre median;
· Intersection control through the use of multi-lane roundabouts;
· South-westerly shift of the roadway near the approach with Prince of Wales Drive;
· 6m vertical cut in the roadway profile on the approach to Prince of Wales Drive. This vertical cut will improve the performance and safety of the roadway;
· Creation of a new cul-de-sac access road for the existing homes fronting Jockvale Road near Prince of Wales Drive;
· New storm sewers and stormwater management facilities;
· Modification of hole number 6 on the Stonebridge Golf Course; and
· New landscaping as required.