Received September 24, 2018

Jan Harder
City Councillor
Ward 3 Barrhaven

Stonebridge Community Association Questionnaire

1) Will you support the Stonebridge community in its efforts to stop any development on the Stonebridge Golf Course? Why or why not?

Yes, I will support the community in its efforts to maintain the Stonebridge Golf Course. I’ve been a part of the growth of the Stonebridge community since its beginning. I’m proud of what Stonebridge has become – a community full of life built around a great community asset. I believe changing the Stonebridge Golf Course to squeeze in more housing is wrong because it changes the character of the community. As per my letter below, I have and always will stand behind the decisions and direction of the community.

Dear Stonebridge Resident,

Vibrant communities start with just one house and one family.

I have been extremely lucky to have been able to be part of the development of the Stonebridge community since the beginning.

I am proud of what Stonebridge has become – a community full of life built around a great community asset.I have always believed the best way to grow a community is by working together. I have made sure that when working with neighbours and community associations we had no secrets and no agendas – only the best interests of the community at heart. I have made sure that we are never told how it’s going to be, and I made sure that we were always free to come together and chart our future.

Sometimes protecting our future requires a line in the sand. In the case of the recent application by Mattamy homes to redevelop portions of the Stonebridge Golf Course, I believe we need to draw a line in the sand and you need to know exactly where I stand.

Let me be clear – I stand with you.

Changing the Stonebridge Golf Course to squeeze in more housing is wrong and I w ill not support it.

Mattamy has bowed to the political pressure I placed on them and has withdrawn their application, but they will be back.

As we move forward I commit to you, that as your Councillor, I will use all my political skills and resources to oppose and defeat any application Mattamy brings to redevelop the Stonebridge Golf Course. To do this I need your help. I need you to stand with me. Together we have the skills and the power to protect our community.
With the strength of the Stonebridge community and my 20 years of political experience, I know we will be successful. This may be a long and tiring process, but I am committed to standing with you and I will never give up the fight.

If you have any further questions on where I stand, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

2) If you choose to support residents of the Stonebridge community, how will you support us? What specifically can and will you do?

When I heard about this application, I immediately informed the Stonebridge Community Association through its leadership, Jay McLean and Aline Gossein, and ensured all parties were involved in all of the discussions with the City and developer. It was clear residents opposed this application and I asked Mattamy to withdraw the application.

I have always worked with the Stonebridge Community Association to ensure the interests of the community are met. I’ve read a lot of what people think about my view and comments regarding this application. To clarify, I brought the Stonebridge Community Association and City together to come to an agreement and I can confirm an independent third party facilitator has been hired and will take the lead. Moving forward, I will continue to support the views of the Association and its residents.

Of the candidates in this election, as Chair of Planning and as your long-time councillor, I am the only one who has the experience and qualifications to lead Stonebridge residents. Ask the next person who tells you they will vote against any future applications one question and that is “What then?”. I will be the one with the answers.