Received September 19, 2018

Franklin Epape

“This issue between Mattamy Homes and Stonebridge golf course showcases two main limits on how our city is managed.

First of all, the fact that city councilors are yielding to all their wishes has enabled developers to think that they don’t need to take the citizens’ opinion into consideration anymore.

Secondly, this situation is also symptomatic of how people’s needs stand low on the developers’ priorities as too often, they were ready to sacrifice the population well-being just to increase their bottom-line. From day one I opposed this unfair plan that was in fact a breach of a previous Mattamy’s commitment to the Stonebridge residents.

I stood firm with the community to say no. I spoke to Mattamy directly and publicly at the community meeting. Because let us face it, the decision of Mattamy Homes to withdraw their plan to build homes on a section of the Stonebridge Golf Course and Country Club was not out of their good will , but rather the result of the determination of an entire community that took on itself to fight for their member’s well-being.

I was on the ground day and night, discussing with grassroots organisations and members of the community. I heard and understood their concerns that it has been just a matter of time before the entire course could be built over. Most of residents who used their hard-earning savings to buy a dream house surrounded by a Golf club felt betrayed by politicians and developers.
An issue like this is exactly why I decided to run. It is important to rebuild trust between people and their representatives. This can only be done if we decide to put the peoples’ interests above all. That’s what I intend to do from day one and every day as Barrhaven Ward 3 city council.

We have to ensure that Mattany will not come back with a different version of the same proposition that will upset residents. We will have Mattamy clearly commits to stick to its words. This issue has Shawn that community mobilization and participation is helping. Our approach will be twofold: community dialogue and collective action .We need to work together to produce the change in Developers mentality so that the community could improve the health and welfare of all of its members.
When we talk about community dialogue, this is what has been already taken part with the Stonebridge community, where members have recognized the problem.

Leaders and stakeholders have been identified and engaged individuals has expressed shared needs: keeping their community as is. What we need now is to determine a course of a collective action. I will work with the community to develop and implement an advocacy plan on how to build alliances with other stakeholders such as the media, professional associations to hold Mattamy accountable of their words. Developers have long time abuse of their power. That’s why we need a fresh face for a fresh start”