Crayon Occasion Art School Brooke Alexander

“I am a sole proprietor with a growing business that is unique to Barrhaven and Stonebridge. I provide art classes for beginning artists, including children and adults. I help everyone, even those who think they can only draw stick people, capture masterpieces they can be proud of.

My classes include after-school and evening time-slots, as well as Saturday afternoons for adults. Eventually I want to fill up my week days with classes for retired people and those who do not work during the day. Anyone who is 6 years or older and is curious to see how well they can capture a painting or drawing with my direction is welcome.

I teach from my warm and cozy home in Barrhaven; keeping it clean, sanitized and safe at all times. I provide all of the supplies and offer a learning experience on top of capturing a masterpiece. My students learn about the artistic styles like Impressionism, Abstract and more. I show my students how to use pencil crayons in a way they may not have tried yet. My students take this knowledge home with them, putting it toward school projects and more. I like to know that I am inspiring my students not only to create art within my classes, but also on their own, outside of my classes. I know I am doing something right, as my students are always producing beautiful artwork and signing up session after session. I help them discover their hidden artistic talent, they never knew they had.

Items to be Displayed:

– Framed student artwork (table-top or hanging)
– My business Banner (4×2 feet) (can be hung on wall or table)
– My business cards & pamphlets
– Framed samples of my own artwork (table-top or hanging)
– My book (I wrote and illustrated a book, self-published in 2013 called “”Little Mia’s Big Heart””) – I could have these available for purchase, on the spot
– Purchasable certificates for a Mother’s Day gift (Create a work of art with my direction, together. Mom and Dad or Mom and kiddo, or the whole family)”

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