As a Community Association we offer Stonebrdige residents a variety of social, cultural and recreational programs for both children and adults.
Community Development
The mission of the SCA Development Committee is to monitor and, where necessary intervene in industrial, governmental and residential developments in the Stonebridge area that may affect our community, its residents and those of greater Barrhaven.
Environment & Parks
The Parks & Recreation Committee’s goal is to maintain and improve the condition of parks and recreation areas in the Stonebridge Community.
Safety and Security
Your Association is also firmly committed to providing a safe and secure quality of life factor based on vigorously reducing crime of any nature.
Street Reps & Volunteers
The goals of the program are raise awareness of the Stonebridge Community Association and to direct residents to the website and Facebook page to get up-to-date information on activities, events and projects that will have an impact on our community.
Membership in the Stonebridge Community Association is an inexpensive way to support your local community and in turn receive some great benefits. Members are the cornerstones of the association and we simply would not exist without them