Dear #StonebridgeCommunity residents,
Now that the Province is moving forward with Phase 2 of re-opening, more of us are going out. However, we still all need to stay safe and respect social distancing. Ottawa Public Health is recommending everyone to wear a mask where physical distancing is not easy to maintain.
Although many of our neighbours can access and purchase cloth masks, there are thousands in our community who cannot. The City of Ottawa’s Human Needs Task Force is looking for donations of cloth masks to distribute to residents who have no other means. These masks will be distributed throughout the city to community partners who will connect with people who have no other means of accessing a cloth mask.
The City is seeking cloth masks:
  • Made with at least two or three layers of tightly woven but breathable cloth such as cotton, flannel or quilting cotton
  • Without any seams over mouth and nose through which air may leak
  • Ideally with horizontal pleats to help fit a variety of faces
If anyone is interested in donating, send your offer of contribution to
Thank you!

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