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Crayon Occasion

I provide art classes for beginning artists, including children and adults. I help everyone, even those who think they can only draw stick people, capture masterpieces they can be proud of.
My classes include after-school and evening time-slots, as well as Saturday afternoons for adults. My classes include after-school and evening time-slots, as well as Saturday afternoons for adults. Eventually I want to fill up my week days with classes for retired people and those who do not work during the day. Anyone who is 6 years or older and is curious to see how well they can capture a painting or drawing with my direction is welcome.
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Glass eMotions, Crystal Lok

I offer fresh, bold designs in glassware that is both functional and decorative. Glass eMotions whether displayed in your home or office, can create a dynamic focal point. I have always dabbled in the arts (photography, painting, etc.) I love the technical aspects of those mediums. In 2013, I explored the creative medium of Glass Fusion and I couldn’t be happier.
It has become a passion that allows me to combine the creative and technical aspects to fulfil a vision. Each time I start a new project, I am fascinated by how the light hits the glass, the colours and I am inspired!


LuminousDawn Ceremonies, Melaina Landriault

I utilize the tools and ceremonies i’ve received to hold space for women to help them heal the stories that live inside of them that have caused some pain. Example: birth trauma, living In the restraints of a masculine dominated world ect. With these teachings In ceremony, I offer meditations and guided Journeys to help bring in awareness to better understand the dynamic and then offer healing to fully release and heal the story within. It is very profound to heal in this way and prominent at creating more mindfulness and peace in ones life.
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Nygard Stylist Consultant, Laura Rever

Nygard is clothing geared towards women. As a Nygard stylist consultant, I am able to bring the fashions directly to women and her friends in the comfort of her own home. The incentive is the chance to get free clothes valued up to $250, depending on sales. I will be bring samples of clothing available and catelogues to give out to the women attending.


Exhalo Spa

Experience total wellness at exhālō, the spa that feeds your soul .

Enjoy Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) in our Himalayan salt room with seating for six, luxurious Eminence Organic Spa treatments along with waxing & sugaring services in our three treatment rooms, four pedicure and three manicure stations to suit group parties or individuals, full Jane Iredale Makeup artistry services and professional Kuene & WELLA hair care & colour services all within the warm and relaxing environment at exhālō. Anna Sokol or