Meet the Board of Directors

Jay McLean

Jay and his wife Tina, with their two young boys, have been Stonebridge residents since 2008. Jay was born in Ottawa and has been a resident of Barrhaven for over 35 years. Jay obtained a B.A. in Psychology/Criminology from Carleton University, followed by a B.Sc. in Computer Science (Information Mgmt. Systems) from the University of Ottawa. Jay has over 20 years experience in IT solution architecture and enterprise system delivery with specialization in biometric solutions. Jay worked for numerous private and public sector organizations before starting his own consulting business in 2001. Jay and his family love the game of golf, and moved to Stonebridge to be close to the many wonderful aspects of the game. In the role of President since 2014, Jay is passionate about ensuring the longevity of the 18 hole championship Stonebridge Golf Course and the thriving Stonebridge community. Jay has managed the Stonebridge ‘Just for Fun’ Soccer Program for community kids aged 3-9 since he joined the association in 2013. Jay was the recipient of a Canada 150th Inspiration Award in 2017 for his volunteer community service.

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Josie Barraco

Josie and her husband Sal have been living in Barrhaven since moving from Montreal in 1980. They enjoyed living in the area very much so after a three year posting to Washington, in 2010 they moved to Stonebridge. They have two daughters and a son currently living in the Ottawa area and 4 grandchildren. Retired in 2013 from the federal government where she worked in financial accounting. Josie also worked for Bell Canada and MRI Consulting, the consulting firm that was responsible for building the beautiful new Ottawa Airport. Josie is responsible for managing the SCA budget.

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Mike Kujawski
Director – Communications

Mike and his wife Erika moved to Stonebridge in 2014 and have been in love with their home and gorgeous community ever since. They have 3 young kids, both work full time and actively volunteer on various boards, which keeps their day-to-day schedule quite lively. Mike is a global management consultant, trainer, and professional speaker specializing in strategic marketing, branding, and communications. His niche lies in helping public sector and non-profit organizations excel in the modern disruptive digital landscape. Through his own consulting firm,, Mike has worked with hundreds of organizations in Canada and internationally across 4 continents. Some of his clients include Elections Canada, Health Canada, Office of the Auditor General, Governments of Kazakhstan, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, and the United Nations Development Programme. Mike co-developed the Professional Certificate in Public Sector Marketing Program at Carleton University and holds a B.Com. (Hon) degree specializing in Marketing and International Business, in addition to various supplementary professional certifications. When not working or spending time with his family, Mike enjoys reading, running, and meditation.

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Ivola Johnson
Director – Events

Married with two children, Ivola has been a Stonebridge resident since 2008. Ivola was born and raised in Hungary and came to Canada after high school for a year to be a live-in caregiver. After doing so for a few years, completed a Computer Science degree at the University of Ottawa, worked 10 years in the private IT world and joined the government in 2008. Ivola is responsible for managing SCA events and membership related activities for the association and is always looking for your event ideas for all age groups.

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Niraj Singhal

Niraj, his wife and three daughters have been proud Stonebridge residents since 2009. After serving a 5 year term on the Stonebridge Community Association’s Board of Directors from 2010-2015, Niraj rejoined the Board in 2018 as a result of the Community’s concerns over proposed new residential development on the golf course. He is an active supporter of the Community, and a firm believer that families that opt to make Stonebridge home are choosing to make an investment in both real estate and quality of life.
It is a Community unlike any other led by a strong Community Association, proud residents and the most valuable and picturesque real estate in Barrhaven.

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Ron Reddick

Ron moved to Stonebridge with his wife and three boys in 2011 and has been involved in a number of Community Association initiatives over the years since. You may have seen him canvasing the neighborhood, running the spring clean up weekend and even coaching kids in the SCA soccer program. He’s passionate about protecting the community’s stature, and in particular maintaining its defining characteristics. Ron joined the board full time in 2018 in response to the proposed redevelopment of the golf course. Ron is a VP Sales in a Ottawa-based global tech firm and has 20+ years commercial experience with fortune 100 and top global technology firms, and has experience working on large commercial developments which impact communities. He is responsible for our newly-formed golf portfolio and is dedicated to maintaining a world-class golf experience in Stonebridge.

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