Received September 17, 2018

Atiq Qureshi


Stonebridge Golf & Country Club is a gem in Barrhaven. Any additional development will diminish its shine.

Barrhaven, specially WARD 3 is a fast growing community day by day, I strongly favour that there should be a balance among builders & residents needs.
Unfortunately we did not see and are not seeing this.

As city councillor candidate of ward3 my position to Mattamy Homes development is;

1- They should not go for this development as, it was their sale campaign to earn premiums on lots.
2- It is a breach of their contract if reasoning of lot premium is golf course.
3- Even if it is inevitable for them, residents consensus should be mandatory.
4- If consensus develop among residents of Stonebridge community than, I will put this suggestion;

Mattamy return the lot premium or any other amount they charged in this regard plus %age increased value of the property, for example; if property value increased by 10% they will return lot premium+10% of this premium. Residents have a right to get the return on their Investment.  More over, they cannot go for any further development like this in this community.