The SCA recently received a document produced by Jack Stirling and approved by the City of Ottawa, which includes answers to various questions that have been asked regarding the Stonebridge Golf Course development file over the course of the past few months. The document is organized into four parts:

  • Part 1: Answers to questions from the SCA
  • Part 2: Answers to questions directed at the email address set up by the City
  • Part 3: Answers to questions gathered at the January 24th info session
  • Part 4: Questions to be addressed by Mattamy

The Q & A document can be downloaded here.

With this, the SCA also just received the Jan. 24th Community Info Session meeting summary produced by Nicole Swerhun.

The Jan. 24th meeting summary can be downloaded here.

We encourage all residents to read through these documents carefully and come prepared on April 17th to ask further questions and/or seek clarification if something is still unclear. As mentioned in our previous post, the majority of the meeting agenda will be reserved for Jack Stirling to answer your questions directly.

Our previous April 17th community meeting notice is available here.

For your convenience, we are once again including links to the two documents provided in the April 17th meeting notice.

Jack Stirling’s CV can be downloaded here.

The letter received from Steve Willis (City of Ottawa) can be downloaded here.

We ask for your help spreading the word about the April 17th community meeting. Please share this email with your Stonebridge friends and neighbours in case they haven’t received it directly (note: if they would like to receive these emails in the future they can subscribe to the SCA mailing list here).

Please also watch for additional follow up communications on Facebook and on Twitter in advance of the meeting.

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