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The Stonebridge Community Association (SCA) is a non-profit organization incorporated in the province of Ontario under the Ontario Corporations Act (OCA), serving the interests of the residents of the Stonebridge community in Ottawa, Ontario. The SCA incorporated on May 22, 2019 and is holding its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) as a non-profit corporation within 18 months of incorporation as required by the OCA. The AGM will take place on November 19th at 7:00 PM online via Zoom Webinar.

The primary purpose of the AGM is to satisfy the statutory requirements under the OCA that include voting of the membership on the approval of 2019 financial statements, by-laws and the election of the board of directors. All supporting documentation will be circulated in advance of the meeting.

Why Online?
A virtual AGM will allow our members to attend from anywhere remotely and supports both mobile and desktop platforms (for the best experience use a desktop/laptop computer) while respecting COVID-19 protocols. Video access is required to vote. Additional information will be shared regarding how to join the meeting and how to participate.

Member Eligibility
In order to attend this meeting, you must be either a resident of the Stonebridge community or the owner of a property in the Stonebridge community, and your household membership must be in good standing (paid-up $20 annual fee and current).

Membership Status
You are encouraged to check that your household membership is in good standing before registering for the meeting. The Membership FAQ page on our website may be helpful. If not already a member you can easily join by going to the Membership Center on the website. If you need help, we will be happy to assist you, just contact us at

Registration for the AGM will be conducted over a ten-day period from Friday, October 30th until Sunday, November 8th, 2020. Advance registration is required to validate that registrants are members in good standing and allow time for our volunteers to adequately prepare. You may be contacted by an SCA volunteer after you register to attend if any further information is required.

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After your registration has been approved, you will be emailed a unique link to join the meeting for your personal use. It is important that you do not share this link. Every individual meeting participant is required to register to attend.

Voting Rights
There will be one vote per member household. During registration, you will be asked to identify if you are the voting member for your household. Other household members are welcome to attend as non-voting participants. All voting results will be verified to ensure that only one member from each household has voted. If you are interested in voting by proxy, please contact us at and we will assist you with this process.

Quorum for the AGM requires at least 10% of eligible voting member households as of November 19th, 2020. Based on current membership 30 voting members are required to transact business at the AGM. Quorum will be confirmed at the start of the meeting.

Nominating Committee
The Board of Directors has formed a Nominating Committee to recommend a slate of directors for the AGM. The board of the SCA consists of a maximum of 9 directors and there are 6 currently serving directors of the board all seeking election, with 3 vacancies to fill. A candidate for the board of directors must be a member in good standing. If you are interested in joining the board or looking for further information please contact the Nominating Committee at, no later than November 6th.

Please contact us at if you have questions or require any assistance. We look forward to virtually meeting with our SCA members on November 19th!

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