Received September 17, 2018

Ahmed Bouragba

1. Will you support the Stonebridge community in its efforts to stop any development on the Stonebridge Golf Course? Why or why not?

Absolutely yes, by supporting your community I can get support to all other communities who are under similar threats. Moreover, to touch a Golf Course is just absurd and does not make any sense to any reasonable right-minded person.

2. If you choose to support residents of the Stonebridge community, how will you support us?

What specifically can and will you do? Convince the Council to vote for positive motions that serves your interest as residents. Educate the decision makers and open their eyes and finally provide alternatives to the builders to to go away.

Any additional comments you may have are welcome.

The governance of our public institutions is biased with corporations due to the weakness of a large number of our politicians, the change can be enforced by strong people with strong voices only.