Received September 17, 2018

Ahmad Malgarai

Thank you for contacting us. Please read the following response I provided to CBC.

Question 20: If elected, what single greatest change do you hope to have made in Ottawa or in your ward, four years from now? (Limit answer to 150 words.)

“Put the residents of Ottawa above politics. Taxpayers feel powerless regarding local development in their own backyards. There needs to be an honest consultation with immediate neighbors and their concerns must be better addressed. One such issue of concern would be to stop the proposed development of the Stonebridge Golf Club. I will be always asking tough questions. I will stand up for ward 3 and Ottawa as whole. I live here and pay my taxes here. I love this city. I will always respect the taxpayer. I know it’s your money. I won’t allow anyone to waste it. Together need to bring a new balanced approach to governance. My commitment to you is that I will always be an accessible councillor- not only having weekly office hours also be accessible by phone 24/7”.

For more details please check my answers in the following link:

If elected I would do everything in my power to stop any application by Mattamy Homes for building over any parts of the existing Stonebridge Golf Course.

I hope this answers your question.