The Stonebridge sign is visible again thanks to the efforts of The Wild Gardeners.

A new Barrhaven volunteer group known as “The Wild Gardeners” has recently benefited the Stonebridge Community. Our lovely traffic circle at Longfields/Cambrian/Golflinks was overgrown and neglected. The Wild Gardeners learned that the roundabout needed some grooming and attention. This group of six gardening enthusiast volunteers rose to the occasion and took on the challenge of trimming overgrown bushes, removing unwanted weeds, adding fresh soil… and they plan to inject some colour into the roundabout through the addition of some perennial plants and some self-seeding wildflowers.

The inspiration for the group comes from a Stonebridge resident Peter Howroyd who is already part of the Barrhaven Garden Club. In his own words, Peter said the idea “germinated” following his review of an article written in the UK about a similar initiative using native plants and wildflowers to beautify the roadsides, benefit the ecosystem and negate the need for city maintenance….

He and a few other Barrhaven Garden Club members who were inspired by Peter’s vision formed an off-shoot group to put some of these ideas into action in Barrhaven. With the generous donation from Ross’s Independent of some fresh soil, The Wild Gardeners were launched. They are hoping that more donations of soil, mulch, water and plant related items (or the funds to purchase them) will be made to the group. If residents are thinning their gardens of perennials and are looking for a good place to donate the excess plants, The Wild Gardeners will be pleased to use them in their work around Stonebridge and Barrhaven.

If you are a gardening enthusiast and would like to join The Wild Gardeners in their pursuit of visually attractive, self-sustaining and eco-friendly gardening initiatives in and around Barrhaven, you will find them on Facebook Groups under “The Wild Gardeners”. Join the group and express your interest in helping out.  All you need is a love of gardening and some time to commit to the cause.

For information on the Barrhaven Garden club check out their website

Four of the Wild Gardeners – in front of the the Stonebridge traffic circle garden before their work began.


One thought on “A Big Thank You to The Wild Gardeners Volunteer Group

  1. Hi there,

    Thank you Peter for directing me to the group. I did not read far enough to get the group link.

    My husband I would be willing to donate. I would be happy to volunteer to help.

    Great idea.

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