An application for Zoning By-law amendment, also known as a rezoning, and an application for a draft plan of subdivision were submitted to the City of Ottawa for 3740 Jockvale (Pink House).

The plan of subdivision includes 17 attached bungalows (34 units) bordering the golf course and four 3-story apartment buildings containing 14 units each (56 units).

Note that the Summary documents on the City website (see links below) identify the following “On Time Decision Dates“:

Plan of Subdivision – July 21, 2016
Zoning Bylaw Amendment – August 23, 2016
D02-02-16-0028 Zoning By-law Amendmen to

D07-16-16-0005 Plan of Subdivision

To register your comments/concerns

Go to the first page of each application and press on the text in green (mid page): Send comments to the file lead This link will take you to a form to be completed with your personal details and your comments. You can opt to have your comments forwarded to Jan Harder our city councillor. By completing this form you will ensure that you receive all notifications of public meetings on the subject and final decision.
Please note future plan for Jockvale presented in the Transportation Impact Study and its impact on the golf course.

You may also send your comments to so that we may capture them in our submissions.

Over the last 12 months the SCA has provided comments and concerns to the City and the Builder. Today we filed a formal submission to the recently filed application for rezoning and plan of subdivision. These documents are listed below in chronological order.

Stonebridge Community Association comments filed with the city- June 13 2016

Scan of document sent to residents within 120 meters of the site;
SCA letter to Uniform & Jan Harder – Feb. 2, 2016
Uniform letter to Jan Harder – Jan. 5, 2016
SCA letter to Uniform & Jan Harder – Nov. 25, 2015

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